It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S11 has a 48MP telephoto sensor (4)It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S11 has a 48MP telephoto sensor

Smartphone photography has seen constant improvements over the years and has reached a point where the latest flagship devices, namely the iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30, Pixel 4 XL and Galaxy Note 10 are now competing against modern DSLR cameras. It is common news at this point that Samsung’s next big smartphone, the Galaxy S11 will feature a 108-megapixel camera sensor. However, according to a recent leak, it has also been revealed that the telephoto cameras on each Galaxy S11 device will be no less than 48MP. The filtration comes from IceUniverse, the famous filter that has been providing endless rumors about the next S11 series and has been accurate in its prediction for several other devices in the past.

It does not go into detail apart from mentioning that the 3 devices of the line will have high-resolution telephoto lenses. On the contrary, the company’s currently existing flagships have telephoto lenses of no more than 12 megapixels. Of course, a high megapixel count does not translate into better photos. Factors such as software image processing and pixel size play an important role in image quality and only time will tell how Samsung’s new camera sensors compare to existing photo champions. The Galaxy S11 series will debut in February 2020 and more news is expected to emerge as the release date approaches. Stay tuned.