Here is your first look at ‘Motorcycle Girl

Here is your first look at 'Motorcycle Girl

Here is your first look at ‘Motorcycle Girl

Here is your first look at ‘Motorcycle Girl.Sohai Ali Abro presenting the front look of ‘Bike Girl’ has been written off. The film is a biographical film about the presence of the Pakistani motorcyclist, Zenith Irfan is licensed with the Pakistani previous creature after a cruise tour of the upper territories.

The newsletter used to be shared through the artist’s impetus, senator or the film proposal itself. It’s a dynamic and particular ad that shows Sohai using a bicycle against the mountain backdrop, including an enthusiastic mockery over his face.Here is your first look at 'Motorcycle Girl

Sohai shared the propaganda about her Instagram tab, including the inscription:

Composed and coordinated by Adnan Sarwar in regards to Shah’s acclaim, Motorcycle Girl is a painting that touches Zenith Irfan, riding alongside Lahore in supplanting Khunjerab’s step on a bicycle in congruence with his latest designer feels huge with about her in heaven.

About the film, Sarwar stated: “Zenith’s magnificent explanation of such a young young man received my consideration shortly thereafter, Shah, then I knew that at some point it was the right subject, as indicated by the release of a film. anecdotal ball around the obvious representation of his ride or I want that sum ‘Girl Cruise’ will help accordingly the reason regarding the empowerment of the women of Pakistan. “

Cruiser Girl ‘wants to be sent on April 20 with Samina Peerzada, Sarmad Khoosat and Ali Kazmi of genius too.

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