Grombre Hair Color Is Trendy More Than an Instagram

Grombre Hair Color Is Trendy More Than an Instagram

What is Grombre? Well, I didn’t know what it’s , either. But then, it became the tagline for one among the most important transitions in my life. A transition that was met with both opposition and fantastic support. This transition? The journey of going silver.Grombre (‘gray’+’ombre’) is that the way of letting your dyed hair gradually grow out and transition into the natural silver hair. it’s the chance to seek out confidence

and show your true colors, forgetting about the “necessity” of hiding what’s natural and truly beautiful. Grombre allows women to feel authentic and delightful in their skin, going naturally gray with grace and self-acceptance.

I saw my first silver hair round the age of 19 (I like better to say silver rather than gray.) it had been then that I started dyeing my hair. that might continue for subsequent 30 years. Of course, because my silver was increasing because the years passed, the frequency of my dye jobs was increasing, too. By the time i used to be in my mid 30s, i used to be basically 80% silver and that i was wanting to cover my skunk stripe within the center of my head every 2 weeks. So, in my mid 40s, i made a decision I wanted to prevent coloring my hair. Unfortunately, there have been many immediately around me that were naysayers. I also consulted many hairdressers, and that they rejected helping me with an idea for transition. It took two years before my transition actually started.
I spent that point scouring Instagram, trying to find people that had silver hair. it had been then that I came across the term “grombre.” i might see the term hashtagged in many posts of lovely silver-haired women. But, I soon discovered, it wasn’t just a term to explain the transition to silver/gray/white hair. it had been a COMMUNITY!

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