Glitz and Glamour Luxury Wear Collection 2019 By Fatima Salamat (2)Glitz and Glamour Luxury Wear Collection 2019 By Fatima Salamat

The bridal season has arrived and is here to stay, however, the elongated monsoon season may have interrupted the search for the perfect outfit! If you are still looking for beautiful formal ones that achieve a harmonious balance between the modern and the classic, immerse yourself in the latest collection of luxury wedding clothes from Fatima Salamat so that your costume problems disappear.

The Pre-Fall collection features outfits made of the best masterly sewn fabric, creating beautiful sets that will surely make an unforgettable statement for every occasion. As the name implies, the “Glitz and Glamor” collection pays homage to the art deco aesthetic. With an infusion of traditional embroidery and contemporary luxury design, it creates a perfect balance of ornate ornaments and minimalist aesthetics.

From an asymmetrical duotone, black and gold sleeveless dress to more organza tops that flow eastward with extensive embroidery on teal pastel shades, Fatima Salamat’s latest collection screams wedding clothes. Do you have weddings to attend and need a quick, economical and elegant solution? Scroll down and take a look, you can find your next favorite look…