GIRLS HOW TO WEAR OFF SHOULDER TOPS HALAL WAY. Fashion trends continue to change from time to time. What was fashionable last year will not be used this year and will be considered out of fashion. For example, monkeys and one-shoulder cuts were in style last year and this year, we have cold shoulders and bare shoulders here.

In Pakistan, some women wear hijabs for their own reasons (religious or personal) and others do not. Girls who wear the hijab may feel that they can not wear most of the fashionable clothes since they can be seen as hypocrites: wear the hijab on one side and wear revealing clothes on the other. For this reason, we have found some hacks for our beautiful girls who wear hijab so they can also follow the latest fashion trends. Follow these steps and not to have a great summer appearance.

GIRLS HOW TO WEAR OFF SHOULDER TOPS HALAL WAY (4)1. Consider the silhouette and contour of your top without shoulders
Now that you have chosen an upper shoulder to use, consider your silhouettes carefully. Get comfortable with that and think about how you can stratify it. The pattern must be compatible with the layers, which means it is not sharp or busy. For example, straight horizontal or vertical stripes would go perfectly well with simple stratification. Also, make sure it goes well with your hijab.

GIRLS HOW TO WEAR OFF SHOULDER TOPS HALAL WAY (3)2. Layering should only be done with shirts only!
This is the key here. Coat the upper part of the shoulders with shirts. The best option would be white, striped or polka dot shirts. Go with white when the top is stamped, and choose a striped or polka dot if the top is simple. You will end up creating an interesting contrast with your overall hijab appearance. The shirt you are going to choose should fit very well, not too loose, not too tight for a neat appearance.