Fashion trends for men this skiummer

  1. There should always be space in rolodex for clothing options to get the latest fashions.

This season, we welcome the return of some reliable favorites, such as torn denim and leather sandals (no complaints here), but there are also many great newbies you can try.

Whether you relax, dress or take your tracks from Ryan Gosling’s high mattresses, we’ve compiled a list of top hits to test your summer style before summer. So up

Printed shirts

Shirts are much more interesting. All about the prints now: summary, polka dots and especially flowers (yes, accept it or lose it). Or you can also say “Hello my little friend” by getting retro with the latest Cuban-style shirts.

Bold striped suit

Stylists give a touch to their typical striped suit with remarkably striking lines. There is a difference in this direction, starting with a black and white diesel jacket, along with leather pants (standing for this) or the Berlotti theme with its red, white and navy blue version: think of a millionaire in 1920 to board a yacht.

Pastel shoes

Bold kicks last year no longer exist. Instead, you choose pastel shoes: the favorite colors are salmon, peach, mint, beige and blue. Many of the respected fashion princes of Los Angeles seem to be at the forefront of this trend, as we have seen with people like Scott Disc wearing the original pink Achilles shoes or Justin Bieber with pastel efforts.

Folds in your panties

In 2017, we encourage you to become less basic with your pants and go to the folds. It will be especially fun if you have automatic bean stalks and need to assemble your bottom half.

You can wear them up or down, and use them casually with a belt and a shirt or, alternatively, with a suit jacket to lift the tape a little more.

Round sunglasses

The sunglasses are kicking the old school with rounded frames. Justin Bieber, Josh Hartnett and Jim of the Thrones Bads, Kate Harrington, met the idea, with circular sports pilots with the classic double-eyebrow strip. Glory to the King of the North who, when out of Set, looks great when winter does not come.

Torn boyfriend jeans

D-Squared, John Elliot and Saint Laurent explained that the torn denim is still strong. Get ready to enjoy all the denim tones this summer.

The tracks offered a full range of washes, from bleached varieties to indigo. You can use lighter versions during the day and darker versions at night.

Long pants

Each season, the shorts do not seem to adhere to the edge length. Well, this time, designers choose shorts that fall a few centimeters below the knee. The main styles feature abstract patterns or bold sports colors with a comfortable fit for everyday use.

Wide trousers

Luxury meets wide linen pants. It has plenty of room to breathe, plus a comfortable feeling of soft linen. You can use versions that have a suitable belt if your physical condition needs more structure or if there are always comfortable belts for a lower appearance.

White chinese

Thanks to the white pieces, now you have what is well equipped. Do you speak your language With its clean texture and light feel, it is the perfect design for you. You can also try wrapping your ankles for a more comfortable appearance.

Water decomposition

The swim shorts date back to the 1950s, when the shorts were great. It is not quite perfect for people looking for fashion, but for those who do not give a bright spindle, let your quad fly free. Located in this very short trend, Orlebar Brown presents old-fashioned colors (red, yellow and navy blue). Combine it with waterproof moccasins that combine fashion and functionality

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