Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women

Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women (1)Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women

Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women. Elan Collection 2018 by Elan is setting a new standard in fashion. The designs of the Eid Dresses 2018 Collection are creative. The designs for the collection are made for the use of the festival. Elan is in the market with the aim of offering the best to its customers.

I tried to discover the best you want to know about Elen Eid Collection 2018. Elan Bridal Collection 2018 is amazing. If you are looking for wedding dresses, you can see this collection. Elan Festive Eid Collection 2018. The Elan Festive Eid Collection 2018 will effortlessly take your shiny polished look on this Eid.

Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women (12)Dupatta with this article is also printed. Everything is ready with Elen Eid Dresses Collection 2018 to show off the Eid Days costumes. Like all other seasons and festivals, this Eid 2018 Collection consists of new fashion designs and incredible colors. I assure you that this will make your heart beat quickly after seeing the splendid designs of this Eid. Here I present some articles of Elan Eid Collection 2018 with Price Catalog.

Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women (14)Women Eid Dresses Collection 2018 by Elan

I am like I have no words for the grace of this article in the latest collection Elen Eid 2018 with price catalog. This amazing outfit will make your eyes get stuck in it. This striking design consists of pure cotton and organza. The shirt of this item has embroidered the front and the back with embroidery on the hem of the shirt. The neckline of the shirt is also embroidered. The trousers with this outfit is 100% cotton. There is Dupatta digital print. PKR 14.990 is a reasonable price for this suit in this Eid Dresses 2018 Collection.

Elan 2018 Eid Dresses Collection For Women (18)This article by Elen in its Eid 2018 Collection is the most demanded demand in stores. The selection of colors is brave with the design. The shirt of this suit is embroidered from front to back with sleeves as well. The edge of the shirt and sleeves has embroidery on Pure Charmeuse Silk. The trousers of this glamorous suit is made of cotton satin with a silk apron. Dupatta attached with this suit is dupatta digital printing. This article in Elen Eid Collection is costing only PKR13,990. This beautiful outfit in Lalan Collection 2018 by Elan is simply amazing. PKR 7.290 is a reasonable price for these luxury things. The embroidered work is done on the front of the shirt.

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