Deepak Perwani sprayed gold dust

Deepak Perwani sprayed gold dust 1Deepak Perwani sprayed gold dust

If there’s one thing that Deepak Perwani is famous for, it’s sprinkling gold dust with every collection that the brand offers. Both the Deepak Perwani woman and the man exude just the right amount of charisma and elegance in each silhouette. A reminder of his autumn collection of 2018 that still pulls on the strings of the heart. Deepak Perwani’s famous lehenga choli, along with the elegant Sherwani, has an element of tradition and modernity. These pieces are still available in your studio, so if you have your heart set on making a statement at the next wedding, we suggest you go to Deepak Perwani’s studio and find the next exclusive piece for your wardrobe. Scroll down to see more…

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