Corning reveals Astra Glass for monitors and laptops

Corning reveals Astra Glass for monitors and laptops

Corning, at the three-day event of the exhibition week in San Jose, California, launched its newest product called Astra Glass. Corning Gorilla glass is the flagship product used in most smartphones around the world. Recently, his sixth iteration was revealed, which will continue to be the screen protection option for each star model.

Gorilla Glass of Corning has owned the market for the past 12 years and none of the competitors could get close. The glass presents an ideal balance between scratch resistance, drop resistance and flexibility. Until now, this glass was something exclusive of a smartphone, but after the launch of Astra glass, it is clear that Corning also wants to conquer the market outside the world of smart phones.

About Astra Glass

Astra Glass is a variant of Gorilla Glass that is designed for larger screens that include tablets, laptop screens and television screens. According to Corning, the glass is designed specifically to not hinder the performance, resolution and brightness of the screen. We will see the same balance between scratch resistance, drop resistance and flexibility found in Gorilla Glass.

Astra Glass is made for high resolution screens and pixel density like 8K screens. The executive of Corning, Ham Yim, during the launching, said: “bring the resolution 8K to devices and bigger sets: low variation of total tone, low variation of total thickness and low inclination”

It is a case of separate use, since monitors and laptops are not used as much as smart phones and, therefore, require a different type of glass for their protection.

The company is positioning Astra glass towards premium offers, therefore, products that offer Astra glass protection on the screen will be quite expensive. High resolution screens are becoming the trend and Corning wants to get ahead of the curve with Astra Glass.

At this time, we have no idea when we will get the first Astra Glass product and what monitors or laptops are compatible with it, but we will find out later this year.

Corning reveals Astra Glass for monitors and laptops

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