Saudi Arabia offers “green card” residence to qualified foreign professionals, investors

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In an attempt to attract qualified foreign professionals and investors, Saudi Arabia has abolished the decades-old Kafala system, under which the migrant status

PUBG banned in China and its replacement is absolutely Bizzare

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In an unfortunate news, today the game publisher Tencent has been forced to withdraw to PUBG from China after the disapproval of the Chinese government.

Automatic language detection and instant translation are coming to Google Translate

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Google Translate, the popular translation application that we are all familiar with, is getting a new "camera translation" feature.A recent takedown of Google.

The PTA has not signed any contract with a US company to monitor Internet traffic in Pakistan: Minister

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The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Azam Khan Swati, informed the Senate that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has not signed any contract...

Pakistan and the IMF reach an agreement on a $ 6 billion rescue package

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Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have finally reached an agreement for a $ 6 billion rescue package. According to Prime Minister's Finance...