Arnold Schwarzenegger, a ‘rogue sorcerer’, kicked from the ground

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, a ‘rogue sorcerer’, kicked from the ground

If you need to be reminded why Arnold Schwarzengger, the Terminator star, is a total boss, that’s all.

The actor was not completely affected after a man surprised a gym full of people with a two-foot flying kick on his back during a public appearance in Sandton, which is near Johannesburg in South Africa, the Washington Post reported.

But it was the response of the former governor of California to the random attack that impressed us all.

Schwarzengger was filming a Snapchat video with the fans as part of his annual Arnold Classic Africa event when the unidentified assailant ran up to him and launched himself on the Terminator.

The video shows the shaking of 71 years forward, but remains standing when the man hits him and falls to the ground, where he was quickly subdued by a security guard.

“I only realized that they kicked me when I saw the video like all of you.” Schwarzenegger tweeted shortly after the attack. “I’m glad the idiot did not interrupt my Snapchat.”

When the security guard was dragged by the security guard, the kicker apparently shouted: “Help me! I need a Lamborghini! “Repeatedly. A site that promotes Johannesburg tourism prides itself on the exotic cars of Sandton, which it calls “the richest square mile in Africa”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a 'rogue sorcerer', kicked from the ground 1

In another tweet after the attack, Schwarzenegger urged his followers to ignore his assailant and, instead, “emphasize” the athletes “inspiring us all to get up from the couch,” as the annual event is gathering 24,000 athletes for three. days. competition.

Schwarzenegger says he has no intention of pressing charges against the rogue fanatic.

Watch the full video here:


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