Amir Khan longs for a great night of British fighting after two long years outside the ring

Amir Khan longs for a great night of British fighting after two long years outside the ringAmir Khan longs for a great night of British fighting after two long years outside the ring

Amir Khan longs for a great night of British fighting after two long years outside the ring.¬†LIVERPOOL: There was a time when Amir Khan’s stay in the United States. Brought him world titles, riches, and fame, but the 31-year-old was inspired by the flourishing golden age of boxing in the United Kingdom. And the appearance of Anthony Joshua in the heavyweight. It will provide a rebirth for the “last chapter” of his life in boxing, Telegraph reported.

That starts in earnest in Liverpool on Saturday night against an opponent back in Phil Lo Greco. After a five-year absence from the UK and two years out of the ring.

“It motivates me to be back in Britain, British boxing is at its peak now,” said Khan. Whose last foray 24 months ago saw him brutally knocked out in the fifth round by Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in Las Vegas.

“I’ve had big fights, fought big names and fought in America on numerous occasions. So I’ve done it now and it’s about getting home to finish my career. He fought four times in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Madison Square Garden, New York

“When I went to the United States, British boxing was not that big, it’s massive here now, the fighters did not want to come here to fight me, but now it’s just the opposite and things have changed.” Anthony Joshua is selling sand and that I want to be seen as a wrestler based in Britain again. ”

Those wishes meant that Khan partnered with promoter Eddie Hearn, although both had well-documented disagreements. “Forget the ego and the drama before, it’s about looking ahead,” Khan said. “This is about my career, it’s about business.”

For business, read “Kell Brook” or “world title fights.” Khan has a deep rivalry with Brook and a contest between them, already won, would resolve a dispute over bragging rights that remained in the dark for five years.

“It’s something that can happen in the future, for sure,” Khan said. “We’re in the same stable and we’re closer than ever, but to do that, however, I have to fight Lo Greco and the fight with Brook can sell a stadium.”

Khan-Brook, in fact, should be next for Khan, with Hearn telling The Daily Telegraph that the Sheffield fighter is ready to face at welterweight.

Time to see what Khan left on Saturday night

A primal “Khan King” would have chosen Lo Greco aside, but Khan’s vulnerabilities have been exposed in the last seven years and what has been the once thrilling fighter with pincers speed, however, defensive weaknesses, remains to be seen, still has.

However, it has been a less than perfect preparation for this fight. Khan’s trainer, Virgil Hunter, became ill in March and the return of Khan is under the watchful eye of Joe Goossen, a very experienced man, but with whom the wrestler has been alone for five weeks. Enough time to tune your load.

“I will be much smarter with my speed and power, use it at the right time and be precise and careful,” acknowledged Khan, who does not need to be caught in a snap finger with the Canadian, who admits he will go bankrupt Saturday night.

But what Greco has done astutely is to get under Khan’s skin, when talking about his private life, about which he emphasized this week that there is no remorse. Lo Greco has spoken about Khan’s previous marital problems and has incited the Briton on social media for weeks.

“He’s going to be excited at night and it’s okay, it’s what we want, it does not bother me, I can take care of myself, even though he’s confused, do not get confused, but I’ve worked to be in great shape and in a plan to beat Amir, no doubt about it, if he thinks I put a fire in his ass to motivate me, he needs to know that he did the same for me. ”

However, on Friday, Khan played down the insults. “All familiar things, we all make mistakes,” Khan said. “It just made me a stronger person.” If I had not gone through that, I do not think I would have returned at any time. ”

If Khan is in the song, he should dismantle Lo Greco for six or seven rounds and force an arrest in the last rounds. Anything less, and the ambitions of great nights and great fights of Khan will have the echoes of a long time ago.

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