Actress Anya Taylor Joy Wears Esfir Jewels

Actress Anya Taylor Joy Wears Esfir Jewels (1)Actress Anya Taylor Joy Wears Esfir Jewels

Since her pieces appeared in Vogue until actress Anna Taylor Joy wears her earrings for her upcoming movie promotions, Esfir Jewels has been making international movements. His avant-garde but elegant jewels have been selected to be displayed on another international platform. It’s another milestone for this brand. When asked how this happened and how he feels, Hafsa and Tasbih said: “Law Roach, one of the Top Model judges and celebrity stylist from the United States chose our piece for the” EMMA “movie promotions, because of his versatility and nervousness Our American correspondent contacted an agency in New York that was interested in using our pieces for the promotional tour of the film, and we had the honor of dressing one of Hollywood’s emerging stars with the firm Esfir. Scroll down to see more…

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