7 things I learned in 2018 that I am grateful for!

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7 things I learned in 2018 that I am grateful for!

Every year, I’m always thinking about the kind of publication I want to write and share in the midst of all the ups and downs as we approach the new year. 2018 was a year of retrospection, a slow year, a year to re-establish new goals and ambitions in life, a year to take care of my pending health problems and, finally, a year to be a better person (of the family). I know that the last part of my sentence may sound a bit confusing, but in reality, this was one of the areas that I fought the most to face. Either making time to call my parents in my busy life or to talk to my childhood best friend (who was not more than 8-10 times strangers this year) or take on responsibilities “at home” much more seriously. I intended to be a better person, make time to do things at home with much more passion for forgotten hobbies, make better daily routines and make time to exercise at least 3-4 times in a week without fail.

Blogging as an industry, as a company has completely changed in 2018 and although I am one of the first generation bloggers, I find it quite difficult to face virtual life with all the madness I have in my real life. If you have read my publication on how to make money with blogs in India, or how much money you make with blogs, you will know that in the current era, personal development is committing to living a perfect ‘Instagram’ life. I am guilty of doing the same. That said, if you’re married (with someone who is not even close to your profession), have things to do (home editing and not a personal skin care list), have compromised your health to a certain extent or have wandered aimlessly in your mobile applications (for hours) this year, this is the publication for you!

1. Do not leave excuses to spend time with family, your parents or relax with your siblings. Call and let people know that you miss being with them even if you are part of 100 family groups, chat groups or more of WhatsApp.

Personal note: start remembering birthdays and be sure to call everyone you can in 2019.

2. Making lists of daily household tasks is as important as making lists of office tasks. A shower knob may need repair, your ceiling fans may need cleaning, a long pendant needs an update and a sorting in the closet, a broken toilet bowl must be discarded, a toothbrush may need a wash and a purifier of water RO They need sail replacement or service et al. Start performing daily tasks not so glorified with great passion and find happiness by fixing things offline

Personal note: work on the daily expenditure / budget lists in 2019 for a larger savings plan

7 things I learned in 2018 that I am grateful for! (7)

3. Read, play, paint, dance, cycle, join a short baking course, learn the art of making chocolates, pick up continental food classes or teach. Perform hobbies that have been buried deep in a grave since you picked up your work.

Note to myself: I finished reading the Harry Potter series in January-February 2019. I already feel judged by sharing this, but I have not read any books after the first and only saw movies, the Harry Potter studio in London to know details things

4. Do not travel through the perfect Instagram photos. It is important to travel, live your experience, learn about a place you visit and still not have perfect Instagram photos. The business of ‘influencing’ is only effective when your experiences make people opt for that same thing that you used or supported. Brand travel is a completely different game, but when you travel with your family or with your loved ones on a non-sponsored trip, try not to fall into the perfect photos. It will save you time and help you see places from a different perspective. I decided to share some husks from all the trips I made in the second half of the year, and that made me happier!

Personal note: continue with the publication of fewer photos while traveling to make the most of the trip!

5. It is okay to change your goals and ambitions in life as you get older. There is nothing wrong with developing an idea with the utmost passion as you continue your current journey. For bloggers, the objectives, the ambitions will change and, in addition, the lives of their readers will also change. Ambitious people are goal oriented and are always struggling towards the next milestone. Do not feel so bad if your current project no longer excites you, you can always change your work, your work profile, your travel plans, your business ideas, your content on Instagram et al.

Their ambitions also control their quality parameter versus quantity. For example, I do not believe in anyone on social networks who gets excited with ALL the launch of new products in the market and then goes crazy on their social networks, this is also a reason why you will realize that I am reducing so many collaborations of products of the same category of products in my blog. For a long time I resisted this change, but after 7 years of blogging and many small projects in between, here I am with Weddingbytes.in. A label that I have co-created with my majority.

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