7 side effects of hair dyeing

7 side effects of hair dyeing7 side effects of hair dyeing

7 side effects of hair dyeing.A small change in their daily appearance is very attractive and appreciative. Dyeing hair is one of the coolest things you can do to change your everyday appearance.People get bored seeing themselves with the same appearance. A small change in style and appearance is great and the first thing that comes to mind to change the look and style is to change the way your hair is. People go for a haircut or hair dye or reflections or streaks. If you do not like your hair black or blond, you can use a brown tone to dye your hair. Dyeing hair is fashionable and results in an elegant appearance, but it must be taken into account that it has some adverse effects also on the skin and even on your health.

In this article, you will discover some side effects of hair dye so that it is well prepared with the side effects of hair coloring.

Allergy: one of the risks of dyeing hair involves some allergic reactions. The hair dye contains PPD, which is a dye and is a common allergen. So when you dye your hair to hide the grays or to change your appearance, you run the risk of having severe allergic reactions. People with skin problems should refrain from dyeing their hair and also people who do not have any skin problems may also have allergies. The most common allergy symptoms include itching of the scalp, swelling of the scalp, redness and can also affect some sensitive areas of the face and neck.

Skin irritation: Irritation of the skin is another common effect of hair coloring. This may include symptoms such as itching, sores, flushing, burning, etc. It is not necessary that each type of skin has the ability to withstand hair dye, some may suffer skin irritation. Therefore, it is recommended to try a patch of your skin with hair dye, if you do not develop any reaction in 2 or 3 days, you can go to dye your hair and if you notice any symptoms that do not use the product.

Skin discoloration: Another side effect of hair coloring is that it can cause discoloration of the skin. This happens using several colors and especially using dark colors. You will find that this effect is more frequent in people who have dry absorbent skin. Our skin is composed of keratinized protein due to discoloration. But you do not have to worry about this effect, because the discoloration will go once the skins are renewed.

Dry and fragile hair: another side effect of hair dye includes damage to hair. When you color your hair more often, the chemicals present in the hair dye make you lose the texture of your hair and the shine, which ultimately results in dry and brittle hair. When your hair is exposed to the chemicals present in the hair dye, it separates the moisture from your braids and separates the cuticles, leaving the hair dry and damaged. And then the solution to dealing with damaged hair is that you have to cut your hair.

Asthma: Another and one of the serious effects of hair dyeing is asthma. Several studies have shown that people who have a lot of exposure to hair colors are at risk of developing allergies and contracting asthma. Sulfates and ammonia are chemicals present in hair dye that can cause asthma. Inhalation of these chemicals can cause many other problems, such as throat infection, cough, etc., in addition to the asthma attack.

Eruptions: Eruptions can be another side effect of dyeing hair and is the most common of all. It happens to some people when their skin comes into contact with the chemicals present in the hair color and occurs in the area where it is applied. Therefore, if you feel any symptoms or irritation, immediately consult a dermatologist to avoid any additional effects.

Cancer: Another serious and threatening effect of hair dye is that it increases the risk of cancer. The PPD chemical present in hair dye can destroy or damage human DNA that can cause cancer. But the investigation has faced disagreement and it is said that more research is needed before reaching a conclusion about whether the chemicals present in the hair dye are cancerous or not.

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