6 Dresses From Nida Azwer’s “Rohtasgarh“ Collection 2019

6 Dresses From Nida Azwer’s “Rohtasgarh“ Collection 2019 (10)6 Dresses From Nida Azwer’s “Rohtasgarh“ Collection 2019

From the moment of the conceptualization of brands, Nida Azwer has shown an immense passion for reviving ancient crafts and techniques. Strive to keep traditions alive by creating hand-embroidered pieces. This season, the designer is inspired by our rich heritage of Mughal art and architecture and translates it into haute couture pieces exquisitely made for women who love to adorn themselves with color, craftsmanship and elegance. Rohtasgarh is the collection for you.

Made in shades of cool blue, sweet roses, mint green, indigo and earthy shades of gray, each color is combined with unique handmade embellishments in the form of dabka, Kamdani, string work and single-thread embroidery that ensure that when buy a Nida The Azwer set will never go out of fashion. We are completely in love with his mint green suit, light and spacious, complete with a kameez that is full of gold details, a delicate dupatta fabric and lehenga shimmery. Do not give this look to a summer wedding and it will definitely attract attention. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear on Eid or a classic outfit for an upcoming wedding. Nida Azwer has something special for everyone. If you are in Karachi or Lahore, go to your studio or place an order online at www.nidaazwer.com

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