Nothing captures the wild and free festival spirit like rainbow hair. It’s the perfect time to be creative and experiment with your look. There are no rules when it comes to fair hair – so if you always want to try the rainbow trend, seize the opportunity! In addition, there are many variations in rainbow hair, so you have to make sure you fit into our list.
To make a rainbow of hair interesting, try a ‘hidden’ rainbow. Colorful rainbow lines fall on the bottom of your hair, making the upper part natural. Doing so means that rainbow will appear only when styling your hair in a ‘do or a half-up, half-down look. If you let your hair down,

when you swing your hair or tie it, you will also show precise highlights of the rainbow.

When hung, the ombre rainbow hair looks especially beautiful. The reason for this is that the right dye enhances the subtle gradient effect. Also, all kinds of braids are a classic festival hairstyle, so you must try to pair them with a fresh and vibrant rainbow color. Get raised Dutch bids to make this look shine.

Rainbow hair is not just for people with long hair. Short hair is just as good with multi color styling. To finish off the standout, use a bright rainbow color to your stylist. This will ensure that your hair gets its attention, rather than fading in the background.

Like any hair color session, if your hair is too long, it will take longer for the rainbow hair to complete. However, the results are worth the wait. If your locks are longer then your stylist can look like different rainbow colors. Plus, the long hair of the rainbow is beautiful and will make you the centerpiece of any festival. For this reason, this is not for the faint

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